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Construing cognitive processes as life-functions of animals enable him to suggest the view that some of the problems of 'psycho-physical dualism' and 'facts of consciousness' may be philosophical creations after all.


Sarah Shorten presented “Towards an Understanding of De Anima 432a1: Aristotle’s analogy between the soul and the hand” at the meeting of the Society for Ancient Greek Philosophy with the Western Division of the American Philosophical Association in 1983. It is an unpublished extension of her The Epistemological and Ontological Consequences of Aristotle’s Theory of Perception, Washington University Press, 1976.

Western University has established the Sarah Shorten Award in 1990 in honour of Sarah Shorten, who served as Vice-President (1982-83) and two terms as President of the Canadian Association of University Teachers (1983-84 & 1984-85), to recognize outstanding achievements in the promotion of the advancement of women in Canadian universities and colleges.