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 President, G. E. L. Owen.

Meeting with the American Philological Association in San Francisco

  • William W. Fortenbaugh, “On the Antecedents of Aristotle’s Bipartite Psychology.” Published in Greek, Roman, and Byzantine Studies 2.3 (Autumn 1970) and reprinted in John P. Anton & Anthony Preus, eds.1983. Essays in Ancient Greek Philosophy, vol. 2. SUNY, 303- 320. Essays version available on Google Books.
  • Friedrich Solmsen, “The Tradition about Zeno of Elea Re-examined.” Published in Phronesis 6.2 (1971)116 -141. Available on JSTOR

Meeting with the Eastern Division of the American Philosophical Association in New York, December 28, 1969

  • Terry Penner, “Modal Fallacies and the Sea-Battle Argument.” Presentation version has the title: “Aristotle’s Solution to the Sea-Battle Problem.” Emeritus at the University of Wisconsin. 
  • John Cooper, “Virtue, Happiness, and the Final Good in Aristotle’s Ethics.” At the meeting, the title was presented as: “Intellectualism and Practical Reasoning in Aristotle’s Moral Philosophy.” Although not published under either title, likely included in Reason and Human Good in Aristotle, 1975. Tom Nagel, Commentator. (Info thanks to the late Allan Gotthelf)


Submissions from 1969


Intellectualism and Practical Reasoning in Aristotle's Moral Philosophy, John Cooper


On the Antecedents of Aristotle's Bipartite Psychology, William W. Fortenbaugh


Listing of the 1969-1970 SAGP Content, Society for Ancient Greek Philosophy


The Tradition about Zeno of Elea Re-Examined, Friedrich Solmsen