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Academic Year 1971/72

1971: President, Joseph Owens.

Meeting with the Eastern Division of the American Philosophical Association December 28, 1971, in New York City

Joseph Owens, Chair

  • M. Robinson, Toronto, “The Dissoi Logoi.” Led to his Contrasting Arguments: An Edition of the Dissoi Logoi. Arno Press, 1979. Professor Emeritus of Philosophy and Classics, University of Toronto.
  • Vianney Decarie, Montreal, “Aristotle’s Eudemian Ethics.” The distributed version has the title: “Complete Virtue (hole arête) in the Eudemian Ethics.” Éthique à Eudème. Vrin 1991.          

Meeting with the American Philological Association in Cincinnati

  • David Hahm, “The Fifth Element in Aristotle’s De Philosophia: A Critical Reexamination.” Published in Journal of Hellenic Studies 1982, reprinted in John P. Anton & Anthony Preus, eds.1983. Essays in Ancient Greek Philosophy, vol. 2. SUNY, 404-428. The distributed version has the title “Aristotle’s De Philosophia and the Introduction of the Fifth Element.” Professor of Classics Emeritus at The Ohio State University. Short bio available on the site.
  • Michael I. Stokes, “Socrates and Protagoras.” May be partially included, eventually, in his Plato’s Socratic Conversations. JHU 1986.


Submissions from 1971


"Complete Virtue" (hole arete) in the "Eudemian Ethics", Vianney Decarie


Aristotle's De Philosophia and the Introduction of the Fifth Element, David E. Hahm


The Dissoi Logoi 4, 5 and 6, Thomas M. Robinson


Listings of the 1971-1972 SAGP Content, Society for Ancient Greek Philosophy


Socrates and Protagoras, Michael I. Stokes