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Meeting with the American Philological Association December 1987, in New York City. Gold and Dust. 1987/8.2 (November)

 Chair: David Furley.

  •  David Blank, UCLA. “Good as Gold: Socrates On The Parts Of Virtue"
  • Mary Louise Gill, Pitt, “Dust to dust: Aristotle’s account of generation and destruction.”

Meeting with the Eastern Division of the American Philosophical Association in Ballroom B of the Sheraton Centre, New York at 7:30 p.m., Monday, December 28, 1987: Aristotle*s Ethics.  1987/8.2 (November)

Chair. Anthony Preus, SU N Y Binghamton

  • Daniel Devereux, Virginia, "Ethical Method in Aristotle: Setting Out the Phainomena"
  • Robert Bolton, Rutgers, "Aristotle on the Objectivity of Ethics"

1988: President, David Furley

Meeting with the Pacific Division of the American Philosophical Association March 24, 1988, in Portland, Oregon.  1987/8.3 (February)

Chair: Julius Moravcsik, Stanford.

  • Richard McKirahan, Pomona College, “Existence Claims in the Posterior Analytics.” Cf. his Principles and Proofs: Aristotle’s Theory of Demonstrative Science. Princeton 1992.
  • Michael Wedin, UC Davis, “Aristotle on the Mechanics of Thought.” Published in Ancient Philosophy 9 (1989) 67-86, reprinted in John P. Anton & Anthony Preus, eds. 1992. Essays in Ancient Greek Philosophy, Volume V: Aristotle’s Ontology. SUNY Press, 245-272.

Meeting with the Central Division of the American Philosophical Association April 1988 in Cincinnati.   1987/8.4 (March)

Chair: Robert Turnbull.

  • Theodore Scaltsas, Edinburgh, “Aristotle on Particularity.” (abstract only). See his Substances and Universals in Aristotle’s Metaphysics. Cornell 1994.
  • Alfonso Gomez-Lobo, Georgetown. “The Ergon Inference.” Earlier version in Phronesis 34 (1989) 170-184, updated version in John P. Anton & Anthony Preus, eds. 1991. Essays in Ancient Greek Philosophy, Vol. IV: Aristotle’s Ethics. SUNY Press, 43-58 (Original title: “A new look at the ergon argument in the Nicomachean Ethics”)


Submissions from 1988


A New Look at the Ergon Argument in the Nicomachean Ethics, Alfonso Gomez-Lobo


Existence Claims in the Posterior Analytics, Richard D. McKirahan Jr.


SAGP Newsletter 1987/8.3 (February), Anthony Preus


SAGP Newsletter 1987/8.4 (March), Anthony Preus


Listing of the 1987-1988 SAGP Content, Society for Ancient Greek Philosophy


Aristotle on the Mechanics of Thought: Abstract, Michae V. Wedin

Submissions from 1987


Ethical Method in Aristotle: Setting Out the Phainomena, Daniel T. Devereux


Dust to Dust: Aristotle's Account of Generation and Desctruction, Mary Louise Gill