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Meeting of the SAGP with the Eastern Division of the American Philosophical Association Thursday, December 29, 2005, at 9 a.m. in the Clinton Suite of the New York Hilton. 2005/6.2

Chair: Tony Preus, Binghamton University

  • Hallvard Fossheim, U. of Oslo, “On Plato’s Use of Socrates as a Character in his Dialogues”
  • Håvard Løkke, U. of Oslo, “True and False Emotions in the Philebus”
  • Thornton Lockwood, Fordham University, “Physis and Nomos in Aristotle’s Ethics”

Meeting of the SAGP with the American Philological Association Saturday, January 7, 2006, 11:15 a.m. to 1:15 p.m. (session 45) in the Palais des Congrés de Montréal. Plato, 2005/6.2  

Chair: Elizabeth Asmis, U. of Chicago

  • Alan Pichanick, U. of Chicago, “Self-Knowledge, Tyranny, and the Delphic Oracle in Plato’s Charmides”
  • David Wolfsdorf, Temple University, “Courage and Knowledge at Protagoras 349E1-351B2”
  • John J. Mulhern, U. of Pennsylvania, “The First and Littlest of Sentences”

Meeting of the SAGP with the Pacific Division of the American Philosophical Association Friday Evening, March 24, 7:15-10:15 p.m. 2005/6.3

Chair: Nicholas D. Smith (Lewis and Clark College)

  • Rusty Jones (Oklahoma University), “Self-Love and Friendship: Re-examining the Argument of Nicomachean Ethics IX.4”
  • Allan Bäck (Kutztown University), “The Conception of Abstraction”
  • Fouad Kalouche (Albright College), “Antisthenes’s Theory of Unique Enunciation: Similarities, Differences, and Possible Influences”

Meeting with the Central Division, April 26-29, 2006, Palmer House Hilton Hotel, Chicago, IL. 2005/6.3

  • Rachel Singpurwalla, SIU Edwardsville, “Reasoning with the Irrational: Moral Psychology in the Protagoras”
  • Andrew Payne, St. Joseph’s University, “Eudaimonism and the Demands of Justice”
  • Steven Skultety, Northwestern University, “Is ‘Part of Justice’ Justice At All? Reconsidering Pol. III.9”