Becoming a Caseworker

Cassandra L. Bransford, Binghamton University--SUNY


Thinking about becoming a caseworker? Casework is a career unlike any other. It is a career where you work to help others achieve a better, more satisfying life. As a caseworker, you might help a child overcome feelings of low self-esteem or perform better academically in school. You might assist an immigrant family in adjusting to life in a new country, or provide support to a home-bound elder. You might help a single mother find adequate housing for herself and her children, or assist a young adult in transitioning from foster care to living independently. There are many opportunities for those who choose to pursue the very challenging and rewarding career path of casework. In fact, this is a field that is expected to grow significantly over the next decade and beyond. This book is an introduction to casework and its role in the field of human services. It is written by an expert for those who may be interested in pursuing casework as a professional career. It's the ultimate how-to resource for those who want to begin the rewarding journey of becoming a caseworker. This indispensible career guide offers you: Career advice and insight from real case workers Essential information on the various roles and responsibilities of caseworkers The most up-to-date salary and employment information In-depth information on caseworker/social work education, licensure, and certification Plus, you'll find chapters with information on professional associations, examples of announcements for casework exams and employment, and sample degree curricula. If you are interested in making a difference in the world, and are looking for a gratifying career where you can help others, as well as grow personally and professionally, then casework may be just the right career for you.