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elder abuse evaluation, multidisciplinary elder abuse intervention, evidence-based elder abuse intervention


This study introduces a conceptually based, systematic evaluation process employing multivariate techniques to evaluate a multidisciplinary social work–lawyer intervention model (JASA-LEAP). Logistic regression analyses were used with a random sample of case records (n = 250) from three intervention sites. Client retention, program fidelity, and exposure to multidisciplinary services were significantly related to reduction in mistreatment risk at case closure. Female gender, married status, and living with perpetrator significantly predicted unfavorable outcomes. This study extends the elder mistreatment program evaluation literature beyond descriptive/bivariate evaluation strategies. Findings suggest that a multidisciplinary social work–lawyer elder mistreatment intervention model is a successful approach.

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Rizzo, V. M., Burnes, D., & Chalfy, A. (2015). A systematic evaluation of a multidisciplinary social work–lawyer elder mistreatment intervention model. Journal of elder abuse & neglect, 27(1), 1-18. doi: 10.1080/08946566.2013.792104

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