Japanese-English Translation: Thinking with Master Nishida, by Miki Kiyoshi, Parts 1 & 2 of 4 (First Published in Fujin Kōron, August 1941) 日英翻訳:「西田先生のことども」、三木清著、総四章の第一章と第二章(初発婦人公論、昭和十六年八月)

Christopher Southward, Binghamton University--SUNY

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[Miki Kiyoshi--Thinking with Master Nishida, Parts 1 & 2 of 4]. Translated, revised, formatted, and edited by Christopher Southward, 2022-2023. All rights reserved

Miki Kiyoshi's account of his apprenticeship under Nishida Kitarō at Kyoto University with considerations of his mentor's unique contributions to Japanese philosophy through critical engagements with the West.