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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

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Thomas W. Africa

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Gerald E. Kadish

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Saul Levin

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Duris, of Samos, approximately 340 B.C.-approximately 260 B.C


This investigation is designed primarily to divert the focus of Durian scholarship away from the Peripatetic school, which has dominated the discus ion of the Hellenistic historian, and to concentrate on the total historical circumstances of which Duris' educator was only one very important phase. As might be expected, Duris' best known work, the Macedonian History, is given the greatest emphasis, particularly the part which treated the period of the historian's adult life. The most important problems concerning the minor work , especially the Agathocles biography and the Samian Chronicle, will be considered in the overall analysis. Because of the nature of the study , much of the content is speculative and should be constantly regarded as such .