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Fall 11-17-2023


Accessibility, environmental protection, GIS


Binghamton University Nature Preserve spans 190 acres of land, with a notable 20-acre wetland serving a multifaceted purpose. It is dedicated to preserving the ecological integrity of this landscape, fostering biodiversity, and facilitating research and environmental education. Furthermore, it serves as a recreational space for students, enhancing the bonds between the campus and the neighboring community. This research focuses on Binghamton University's nature preserve as a case study to explore the intricate balance between two vital objectives: ensuring equal access for all user demographics while safeguarding its ecosystem services. To achieve these objectives, the study employs diverse public engagement methods, encompassing surveys and community mapping, to gather valuable insights from various stakeholders. Additionally, the research integrates cutting-edge technology, such as drone flights (UAV) and remote-controlled vehicles equipped with iPhone LiDAR sensors, to acquire comprehensive data on trail conditions and the surrounding environment. The innovative fusion of community input and high-tech data collection empowers a data-driven approach to environmental management, offering the potential to advance accessibility and sustainability simultaneously. By bridging the gap between these two fundamental considerations, this study not only enhances the Binghamton University nature preserve but also paves the way for formulating novel, inclusive, and environmentally responsible public policies and potentially transforming the management of natural preserves nationwide.


Special thanks to my faculty advisor Dr. Jay L. Newberry, and other two thesis committe members Dr. Wan Yu and Dr. Thomas Pingel.



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