Harpur Palate: a Literary Journal

Harpur Palate: a Literary Journal

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Contributors: Nin Andrews | Dylan Bargteil| J. Bradley | Jackie Clark | Meg Cowen | Andrea England | Maia Evrona | Molly Faerber | Laura Davies Foley | Robert Hargreaves | Suzanne Mari Hopcroft | Marie Howe | Jason M. Jones | Holly Karapetkova | Andrea Lewis | Cody Lumpkin | Chris Mink | Travis Mossotti | Isaac Pressnell | Alexandra Salerno | Emily Schulten | Matt Sumpter | Tina Tocco | Alexandra Todak | Julie Marie Wade | William Walsh | Patrick Vincent Welsh | Sean White | Thomas White | Joe Wilkins | Theodora Ziolkowski


Editors: Jennie Case; Sara Erdmann | Associate Editor: Trisha Cowen | Fiction Editors: Robert Miegl; Augusto Facchini | Nonfiction Editors: Marissa Schwalm; Joe Montalbo | Poetry Editors: Nicole Santalucia; Molly Kat | Poetry Board: Dante Di Stefano; Airek Beauchamp; Kate Sweeney; Abby Murray; Mahmoud Zidan; Matt Tompkins; Patricia Kinney | Prose Board: Corey Pentoney; Melanie Cordova; Julia Ludwig; Ann Marie Genzale; Kayleigh Wanzer; Clara Barnhart | Faculty Advisor: Maria Mazziotti Gillan | Founding Editor: Toiya Kristen Finley | Interns: Victoria Chow; Nicholas Wilsey | Cover Artwork: Brian Keeler, briankeeler.com



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