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Winter 12-16-2022


Digital Scholarship, Digital Humanities, Digital Scholarship Centers


As digital scholarship and digital humanities (DS/DH) continue to grow on campus the libraries continue to collaborate with campus communities to ensure faculty, staff, and graduate and undergraduate students’ research, classroom, and learning experiences in these fields are supported. This needs assessment, carried out over the course of the Spring semester in 2022, investigated the current climate for using and teaching digital scholarship tools methods on Binghamton University's campus. While Binghamton's digital scholarship community continues to grow four major needs for support were identified by the community: access to DS/DH resources on campus, building a stronger sense of community, providing a better system of support for those starting and sustaining long-term projects, and creating a holistic approach to engaging in DS/DH research and pedagogy.


This needs assessment was carried out over the course of the Spring semester in the 2021-2022 school year by the new digital scholarship librarian. The assessment served three major purposes: allow the new DS librarian to meet digital scholars on campus and begin to establish relationships, understand and discover new and current the needs of the current DS/DH community on campus, and help brainstorm new ways the Digital Scholarship team in the library might address some of those needs.

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