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During this presentation, we will describe some projects we have been working on: 1. Alma/Rosetta Integration: We are migrating to Alma along with 64 other SUNY campuses in July 2019. As part of this migration, we are planning to integrate Rosetta with Alma. We will discuss our progress with this project and any challenges we encountered. 2. Kitodo/Rosetta Integration: Kitodo is software designed to control and monitor all stages of digitization projects. It is primarily used by German Libraries and has not yet been installed in the US. We are hoping to set up Kitodo so that we can improve the efficiently of digitization projects and facilitate ingestion of materials into Rosetta. 3. Customized PHP script for NFS Ingestions: We developed a script and web interface to help staff ingest content into Rosetta via NFS. 4. We are working on a project to extract metadata from the University Photographers’ collection of digital images. The goal of the project is to automate as much as possible the ingestion of thousands of images into Rosetta. In addition to discussing these projects, we plan to leave some time at the end of the presentation to allow attendees an opportunity to share their experiences improving workflows for the ingestion of material into Rosetta.


Presentation given at ELUNA 2019 Annual Meeting.



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