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student workers, DEIA, training




This paper describes the process of developing training for student employees at a reference desk in which students assist peers and others in the community with research help.


This case study details the process as well as the challenges in developing training that is helpful for student employees in performing day-to-day tasks at a reference desk and incorporates diversity, equity, inclusion and accessibility (DEIA) and high-impact practices (HIPs).


Training for student employees that prepares them for library work and incorporates DEIA and HIPs can be developed. These ideas can be incorporated into training for all library employees, not just students.

Practical implications

This article aims to assist others in developing training for front-line student employees that incorporates DEIA and recognizes the importance of HIPs.


DEIA and HIPs are considered throughout the development and implementation of training for student employees. Librarians have been training student employees to assist their peers with research for many years. This approach goes beyond the training that is needed to do a job and takes DEIA and student development through HIPs into account.

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