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Fall 8-27-2022


archives, special collections, archival processing, processing manual, anti-racism, DEI, IDEA


In this presentation, the authors explore how standardized processing workflows can encapsulate today’s minimal and extensible processing methods while simultaneously implementing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) best practices. This was their central purpose when developing the first processing manual at Brandeis University, published in December 2021. The manual includes a processing level matrix, and covers accessioning, surveying, and workflows for five different levels of processing, restrictions, and access determination. The manual also solidifies new workflows which aim to balance the use of extensible archival practices to increase access to collections, with the need to address DEI concerns through transparency, care for content creators and subjects, thoughtful treatment of provenance, and mitigation of harm. The presentation discusses the goals and challenges involved in developing the manual and presents solutions used in the manual itself.


The Robert D. Farber University Archives & Special Collections Processing Manual can be accessed on the Brandeis University website.

This presentation was given at SAA's ARCHIVES*RECORDS Conference 2022