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Winter 1-2024


Evidence Synthesis; methodology; nursing; health sciences; research assignments; research


Initially, systematic reviews in healthcare served to synthesize findings from clinical studies, aiding comprehensive access to the most effective treatments within evidence-based practice. Over time, their scope has broadened beyond treatment effectiveness, leading to a surge in publication. Consequently, many health science faculty now assign systematic reviews in classrooms without a full grasp of the standardized process, leaving students ill-equipped due to insufficient guidance and resources.

While mastering systematic review techniques is crucial for evidence-based practice, faculty can opt for modified assignments to foster a deeper understanding of the review process. These modified tasks, can be completed within a semester, and can still equip future healthcare professionals with the skills to contribute to high-quality research without overwhelming them. By implementing the recommended modified assignments, healthcare professionals can be better prepared to engage in robust evidence-building throughout their careers and feel confident in their research skills.

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