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Summer 2021


Mycorrhizal fungi found growing on decaying hardwoods and conifers. This mushroom can be found in clusters or by itself between the months of July and November and is widely distributed across North America. Fruiting bodies are 2-10 cm in diameter and can reach up to 4 cm in height. Contains brown-colored scales on the skin of the mushroom. The stem on this mushroom is absent, as it connects itself to the substrate using mycelial cords. The inside of the puffball harbors a purple-black spore mass that produces black colored spores. Contains a biological active compound called 4,4’-Dimethoxymethyl vulpinate proven to inhibit plant pathogenic fungi (Soytong et al. 2014). ID number:


Location: East Brook Valley, Walton, NY (EF - Ericaceae Forest)

Scleroderma citrinum