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Tribo-electric-nano-generator (TENG), MEMS, accelerometer, self-powered, polyimide


A self-powered triboelectric accelerometer miniaturized to the micro-scale is presented. This micro triboelectric accelerometer (MTEA) was fabricated using CMOS-compatible processes. The design followed the triboelectric nanogenerators made in meso-scale and operates in the contact-separation mode. The scaled-down, multilayer design enabled fabrication using microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) technology. The MTEA was made using an aluminum and polyimide triboelectric pair that generated charges on the contact. A square movable plate that is 2 mm x 2 mm was fabricated with 1 μm thickness. Then, the fabricated MTEA was excited by a mini-shaker at known frequencies (0.1–7 kHz) and accelerations (1–10 g), and the output was recorded. The output was 0.7 V at the resonance frequency (700 Hz). The generated voltage has a linear relationship with the acceleration with a maximum sensitivity of 70 mV/g at the 700 Hz excitation frequency.

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The final version of this article is published in Nano Energy.


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