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By analyzing qualitative and quantitative studies, reviewing articles, and collecting personal anecdotes, my research determined mental health disorders, such as depression and anxiety, are often under-diagnosed in men and how exercise therapy can be a viable intervention. Inaccessibility to traditional forms of treatment and stigmas surrounding seeking help stem from traditional masculinity patterns and have been shown to be a likely cause behind these statistics. Through the analysis of primary literature in scientific journals, exercise therapy has been suggested to be a very effective intervention for treating poor mental health through the experiences of patients. The serious lack of attention and research surrounding men’s mental health in the western world has led to men’s death by suicide rates to nearly quadruple the rate of women, although women are diagnosed with mental health disorders at a higher rate. The implementation of exercise therapy into mainstream treatment for mental health has potential to improve the lives of many men by providing an accessible treatment that more men are willing to utilize.



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Exercise Therapy as a Treatment for Men’s Mental Health