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During the Devonian Period (419 to 358 Mya), most of the North American continent including New York State would have been covered by a warm, shallow sea where marine life flourished. Binghamton's paleontological/geological past is relatively unknown to those outside of the environmental science or geology sphere. This project seeks to display our fascinating past, encourage others to explore the field of geology and environmental science and provide insight on fossil hunting as a hobby. Within the boundaries of Binghamton University: The Nature Preserve, Fuller Hollow Creek, Stair Park, and Nuthatch Hollow contain fossils of marine organisms, tree debris and trace fossils such as burrows. Through using simple tools such as a hammer/geologist hammer, chisel, or just your bare hands - anyone can find themselves a cool piece of history and learn about Binghamton's geological/paleontological past.



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The Fossils of Binghamton University