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Is underfunding and poor financing contributing to your poor water quality? Runoff is when any harmful substance flows into our waterways and pollutes our drinking water. The main causes are chemicals and an excess of nutrients sourced from poor agricultural practices and stormwater runoff. Pennsylvania farms often unintentionally discharge manure and fertilizers into the Susquehanna River, which cascades into the Chesapeake Bay. The Watershed is a drinking water supply for millions of Americans. Though Pennsylvania already has policies in place, its programs are underfunded and understaffed. Additionally, there is a severe lack of green infrastructure to solve stormwater crises, adding to the issue. This research look at how policy change can fix these issues in Pennsylvania, New York, and the greater Chesapeake Bay Watershed. I look forward to speaking with changemakers on the ground to help me better understand which changes are necessary to facilitate a better Bay.



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Water Quality Issues and Solutions for the Chesapeake Bay