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Recent scholarship in social psychology and political science highlights how people can struggle to empathize with those who hold opposing political ideologies. As a case study, this research turns to the current climate of anti-Jewish and anti-Israel sentiment amid the Israel-Hamas War. It explores the double standard demonstrated by prominent feminist organizations such as UN Women and the #MeToo Movement––and prestigious universities such as Harvard and Penn––which had strikingly muted or belated responses to the sexual violence perpetrated against Jewish and Israeli women on October 7th, and to the rise of antisemitism globally. The goal of this research is to raise awareness about harmful, non-empathetic rhetoric rapidly permeating the world as a result of Hamas’s atrocities on October 7th. This project aims to expose a double standard of empathy and work towards peace and empathy for all.



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The Limits of Empathy Beyond Political Comfort Zones: An Investigation of the Absence of Empathy for Victims of October 7th