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Effective constructive dialogue skills are crucial for college students’ social development. This study explored the impact of constructive dialogue modules on conflict management, affective polarization, and intellectual humility among first-year Binghamton University students. We addressed the following research question: Will the completion of the constructive dialogue module significantly impact student awareness in conflict resolution/intellectual humility/affective polarization compared to a control group of students who did not complete the module? All participants completed pre- and post-surveys (questions utilizing Likert scales) assessing these skills. Responses were analyzed through dependent and independent T-tests, which did not indicate statistical significance between students completing the constructive dialogue module and the control group. However, analysis of open-ended survey items and focus group responses revealed perceived development in constructive dialogue skills post-module completion. These findings highlight potential benefits of educational programs aimed at enhancing college students’ ability to communicate with individuals with diverse perspectives.



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Impact of Constructive Dialogue Modules on Binghamton University Students