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Previous literature suggested that Covid-19 quarantines/ lockdowns affected adolescents and young children in negative ways. The research suggested that lockdowns were the leading cause of stress, and for the people who already have stress, it served as an amplifier. Many studies suggest that since young children and teenagers need to socialize, but they can’t because of the restrictions, it is common for them to feel depressed and stressed out. Feelings of depression and anxiety have been known to cause destructive qualities if left untreated such as, hostile behavior, weight loss and even suicidal thoughts. I plan on collecting data from adolescents and young adults (17-24) via an online poll, as well as in person interviews. I expect the findings to support my hypothesis that the learning environment during Covid-19 isolated teenagers socially, as well as the social isolations causing unnecessary stress.



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How did Covid-19’s Learning Environment Isolate Teenagers and Cause Social Stress?