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Therapy-talk is a discursive framework which subtends modern conceptions of mental healthcare. Normatively, this takes place within the spatiotemporal moment of the therapy session, a clinical environment in which the therapist occupies an authority role and administers treatment to their patient. However, the Unites States faces an ongoing mental health crisis which is magnified by racialized and class-based disparities in access to treatment. This has led to the proliferation of non-normative and often digital approaches to treatment. One such approach involves the development of mental health communities on various social media platforms. On TikTok, this community is sometimes called TherapyTok, which refers to a rapidly growing number of therapy influencers and those who consume their content. A comparative Goffmanian frame analysis reveals the ways TherapyTok transgresses the normative discursive practices of therapy-talk.



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Therapy Talk on TherapyTok: Psychotherapeutic Discourse on Social Media