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Lyme Disease, a vector borne illness caused by the blacklegged tick, has become increasingly more prevalent in the last decade, particularly in the Southern Tier. As a result, there has been a rise in public discourse regarding the importance of Personal Protection techniques against Lyme Disease. Previous research has demonstrated that certain attributes such as a person’s occupation and Lyme Disease status can impact their likelihood of adoption prevention techniques. This study builds upon these principles and aims to quantify the impact of Lyme Disease public service announcements through various types of media. The study also attempts to quantify the impact of friend and family sentiments on an individual’s opinion. This will be deduced by applying linear regression analysis to surveying done on Broome County populations. The data from this study will give insight to organizations pushing Lyme Disease awareness, allowing them to better allocate their resources.



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Public Perceptions of Lyme Disease in Broome County