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Floods "are the second deadliest of all weather-related hazards in the United States" (Ashley & Ashley, 2008), and they are only becoming more common and more dangerous due to climate change. The Binghamton area has a further elevated risk due to its proximity to the Chenango and Susquehanna river confluence, as demonstrated by the floods here in 2006 and 2011. While there are several flood and climate change mitigation options available, there is little information about the perspectives coming out of Binghamton on these issues. Through semi-structured interviews with community members and local legislators, I will learn how individuals feel they have been affected by floods, as well as what they know about and how they respond to the different mitigation options and efforts. This research could reveal a gap between what representatives think people want and what they actually want, or divides between the needs and incentives of different parts of Broome County. Understanding and reconciling these differences would make Binghamton more prepared to weather the next big flood, or make sure the flood does not get so big in the first place.



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Floods and Climate Change in Broome County