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At the end of the examination of the first definition of knowledge we find that both the definition and its (radical) ontological ground have been refuted. Yet in neither case have we been left with the mere negativity of the avoidance of error. For the refutations are not mere refutations. The overturning of the theory of Radical Flux leaves us free to return to the exposition with a clearer eye for the previously hidden truth of the theory of Mitigated Flux, and the destruction of the definition of knowledge as aisthesis by an appeal to the functioning of the soul provides the basis for the formulation and examination of yet another definition.


Veda Cobb-Stevens presented “Perception, Appearance, and Kinesis: The Secret Doctrine of Plato’s Theaetetus” at the annual meeting of the Society for Ancient Greek Philosophy with the Society for the Study of Islamic Philosophy and Science in October 1983. A revised version was published in John P. Anton & Anthony Preus, eds. 1989. Essays in Ancient Greek Philosophy, Vol. III: Plato, State University of New York Press, 247-266.

A detailed obituary was published in The Boston Globe for January 15, 1989.