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Beginning from a critique of the idea that a characteristic thought pattern in Heraclitus is the geometrical proportion (proposed by Hermann Fraenkel and others), the author critically discusses the fragments on which that interpretation rests, and goes on to delineate several characteristic means of expression: Paradox, Folklore Motifs, Traditional Wisdom (proverbs), vivid Similes, and metrical forms. The author concludes by discussing the meaning of "logos" in Heraclitus.


Miroslav Marcovich presented "Some Heraclitean Problems" to the Society for Ancient Greek Philosophy meeting with the American Philological Association in San Francisco in 1981. He had published an edition of the "fragments" with a Spanish translation and comments in 1968 (available online at He published an English-language edition, considerably updated, at Academia Verlag in 2001. This paper is, in a sense, represented by parts of the commentary in the 2001 edition.

For information about the author, see Wikipedia "Miroslav Marcovich." . For a list of the extensive publications by Marcovich, see IllinoisClassical81993Marcovich.pdf.