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The highest human types or "lives", which one may go through before attaining the divinity and immortality of fr. 147, are those of benefactors of their fellow man: "and finally they come as seers and bards and physicians and leaders among men on earth.1133 The humanistic motive that led Empedocles to see as the ruling forces in nature Love and Strife, which are most familiar to us as forces in the life of man, is also the leading spirit of his physical philosophy.

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Edwin L. Minar, Jr. presented "Cosmic Periods" to the Society for Ancient Greek Philosophy at its meeting with the American Philological Association in Ann Arbor in 1961. It was published in Phronesis 8 (1963) 127-145, and reprinted in J. P. Anton & G. Kustas, eds. Essays in Ancient Greek Philosophy vol. 1 (1971) State University of New York Press, 39-58.