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Spring 2019


artificial intelligence, technology, humanism, science fiction, cyberpunk, aesthetics, modes of production


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As that which we call “technology” continues to evolve as both concept and practice, we discover ever more inventive ways to answer its call, and science fiction seems to serve as a universal standpoint from which global societies manage to confront, question, and reimagine the nature of our shared humanity as a radically technical relation. While the growing social pervasiveness of artificial intelligence and the attendant encoded transformations of “the human” appear, together, to form a relatively absolute horizon of political thinking, social agency, and aesthetic experience, it seems certain that our current crisis also offers us possibilities to create more open and egalitarian interpersonal, intercultural, international, and interspecies modes of existence. Our task this semester will be to imagine, think, and explore such possibilities and prepare to activate them within our current and future historical present.


Course designed and taught as adjunct instructor in the Department of Comparative Literature at Binghamton University, State University of New York



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