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Winter 12-2014


managing editor, librarianship, librarians, rural nursing


Four years ago, Binghamton University Libraries was presented with an unique proposal. The School of Nursing was planning to take ownership of the OA journal,Online Journal of Rural Nursing and Health Care, and the new editor asked if the Libraries would assist with the editorial and managerial process. Erin Rushton, Web Services and Nursing Librarian, was named Managing Editor. She helps support the publishing system and prepares the pdfs for publication. She also ensures the journal is indexed and preserved in the Libraries’ preservation system. Many research libraries support alternative publication models through membership and through scholarly communications programs. Few, however, actively assist in publishing. This project created an opportunity to innovate and explore a new service model. While there are challenges, the model aligns closely with the Libraries’ mission to support research through innovative thinking, open inquiry, and collaborative partnerships.


Poster session presented at the ACRL/NY Symposium, New York, NY.