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Emily Creo

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Sasha Frizzell


library catalog, bias, calligraphy, classification, subject headings, Chinese calligraphy, Library of Congress Classification

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Classification--Books ; Classification, Library of Congress ; Calligraphy, Chinese--Classification


A book can exist only on one shelf, but books are rarely one-dimensional. A single book can sit at the intersection of multiple topics, ranging from philosophy, to medicine, to agriculture, so how are they organized? It’s simpler with digital cataloging, as multiple subject headings and topics can be assigned to any one book—a book can sit on more than one shelf in the digital world. Physical copies, however, are not given this luxury. Catalogers must decide, essentially based on their own opinions, where to place them within a short time frame. To explore how human bias factors into the organizations of collections, this project will delve into the Binghamton collections cataloged under the “Decorative Arts” section of the Library of Congress Call Numbers, focusing on the differences between cataloging of Western Calligraphy and Chinese Calligraphy.

Bias in Cataloging: Calligraphy