Faculty Sponsor

Paula Russell


The Bathroom Tales is a small collection of poems that were written based on certain facts of my environment that became prompts for my writing. Each poem was written with my location in mind, the location in question being on the dividing line of the bathroom and the hall as my friends began the hair-dyeing process. The poems represent a series of ongoing thoughts based on the prompts I received from my surroundings. “Of Sun” was inspired by the lights that flicker on upon entering the bathroom and their overbearing presence. “Murder: An Option” was written after noticing that the tampon machine in the public bathroom was empty, even though it allowed for quarters to be received. The echoes of footsteps and breath in the large bathroom helped me to write “Crescendo,” as the sounds came together to make a certain kind of harmony. “The In-Between” was written on the chair that kept the bathroom door open placing me in between the events of the bathroom and the hall.