Faculty Sponsor

Myra G Sabir


This piece is a creative non-fiction piece. The monologue is centered on a question that my mentor and HDEV 100 Professor, Myra Sabir, asked the whole class in the first couple weeks of the semester. "What is your enough?" The question goes deeper than most; it causes you to really look at your life, the world around you, and who you really are. If you were to die tomorrow what is your enough? What would allow you to die with the feeling of accomplishment and happiness? "Seeking Fellow Invisibles" is about what this question made me realize, how it opened my eyes. I compare myself to others and society and what their enough would be. I dig into my past and portions of the dark times in my life. It's a painfully personal piece but the whole point is to give clarity and inspiration to those whose visions are still blurred by what others want from them. It goes beyond materialism and challenges the readers to search deeper and look inside themselves. The whole point is to understand who you really are and what you really want.