Faculty Sponsor

Anne Brady


In today’s education system there is a constant theme of judgment. For me, most of the negative judgment I receive comes from myself. When I’m surrounded by intelligent students involved in multiple organizations and clubs, it’s easy for me to believe that I’m not doing enough and berate myself for it. This past summer I studied at Shakespeare & Company’s Summer Training Institute through the Summer Scholar’s & Artist’s Program. After studying there 15 hours a day 6 days a week for 4 weeks, I devised a one woman show with help from my faculty advisor. I rehearsed every week over the summer for about 8 hours until I had devised Diverged: A Journey of Judgment, Shakespeare, and Acceptance. It was an exploration of the cycle of judgment that I faced during my time at Shakespeare & Company. I used Shakespeare’s language to both release and accept the judgments I made about myself, incorporating quotes from Shakespeare, Robert Frost, and other students. I performed it on August 26 to an audience of over 90 people, where we all related the story to our own forms of judgment and found a deep sense of comradery.