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Professor Jung


After the Korean War in 1950, the Cold War expanded to Asia transitioning from purely economic aid in Europe from the Marshall Plan, to direct military intervention then to covert military operations under the Eisenhower Administration in Indonesia. The focus of this research is on the United States military intervention through covert military operations from 1950-66 and details the evolution of foreign policy in Indonesia from the economic aid to supplying names of PKI insurgents to be slaughtered. With the general research questions of How did CIA interference through covert military operations in Indonesia highlight a shift in CIA intervention from economic aid from the Marshall Plan to infiltrating regimes and massacring civilians such as Chile during the Cold War? Why is it that the major powers are rarely prosecuted for crimes against humanity, war crimes and genocide under the International criminal court and rarely face any consquences?

From, 1953-1958 the United States intervention in Indonesia took on a new form, of infiltrating the PKI party through the CIA and then began to form “civic action” missions through training opposition troops in 1957, the US trained Suharto assist in turning the Indonesian army to a counter insurgency unit independent off Sukarno led state, through establishing SESKOAD civic action training centers run by the CIA that became the training grounds utilized for the political takeover of General Suharto. In 1962 the United States began covert military operations to Indonesia and drastically increased its MAP to the region, and four months before the coup two large trade deals these weapons and communication systems were used in the communist purge amounting to war crimes, crimes against humanity and assitance in genocide and these trade deals would also benefit Suharto’s business partners until 1966. Due to the anarchy of the international world system, and the lack of enforcement from the ICC the United States will not be held accountable for crimes against humanity and genocide.