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Pathogen Emergence As Complex Biological Invasion: Lessons From Dynamical Systems Modeling
Sudam Surasinghe, Marisabel Rodriguez, Victor Meszaros, Jane Molofsky, Salvador Almagro-Moreno, and Brandon Ogbunugafor

DOI: 10.22191/nejcs/vol5/iss1/4/


Temporality-induced chaos in the Kuramoto Model
Keanu Mason Rock, Hamza Dirie, and Sean P. Cornelius

DOI: 10.22191/nejcs/vol5/iss1/3


Politicians, Pundits, and Platform Migration: A Comparison of Political Polarization on Parler and Twitter
Abigial Matthews, Jacqueline M. Otala, Esma Wali, Gillian Kurtic, Lynden Millington, Michael Simpson, Jeanna Matthews, and Golshan Madraki

DOI: 10.22191/nejcs/vol5/iss1/5/


Toward Suicidal Ideation Detection with Lexical Network Features and Machine Learning
Ulya Bayram, William Lee, Daniel Santel, Ali Minai, Peggy Clark, Tracy Glauser, and John Pestian

DOI: 10.22191/nejcs/vol4/iss1/2

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