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Entropic dynamics of networks
Felipe Xavier Costa and Pedro Pessoa

DOI: 10.22191/nejcs/vol3/iss1/5


NetSci High: Bringing Agency to Diverse Teens Through the Science of Connected Systems
Stephen M. Uzzo, Catherine B. Cramer, Hiroki Sayama, and Russell Faux

DOI: 10.22191/nejcs/vol3/iss2/2


Emergent Hierarchy Through Conductance-based Degree Constraints
Christopher Tyler Diggans, Jeremie Fish, and Erik M. Bollt

DOI: 10.22191/nejcs/vol3/iss1/4


Network-Based Analysis of Early Pandemic Mitigation Strategies: Solutions, and Future Directions
Pegah Hozhabrierdi, Raymond Zhu, Maduakolam Onyewu, and Sucheta Soundarajan

DOI: 10.22191/nejcs/vol3/iss1/3


Waiting-Time Paradox in 1922
Naoki Masuda and Takayuki Hiraoka

DOI: 10.22191/nejcs/vol2/iss1/1

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