Faculty Sponsor

Andy Horowitz


Inspired by the tragic history of witch-hunts and trials, The Summoning is a dance performance piece that follows a coven’s struggle to hold on to what they believe in a world set against them. After four women come into contact with a goddess, their lives are forever changed. A fear of sorcery and the occult plagued 15th to 18th century Western society and resulted in the suffering and persecution of many women, a tragedy that is often overlooked. Although inspired by the events surrounding these witchcraft trials, The Summoning is a fictionalized, surreal depiction of some of the true horrors of this period. Choreographed, taught, developed and put into production within a six-week period in the fall of 2014 and with a budget of $300, this story is told through original, focused choreography via the talent and technique of nine dancers. Filmed at Binghamton University’s Gruber Theatre over a three-day period, this video represents an excerpt of the 30-minute final work. This production was created in the hopes that its stance against persecutions of the past will resonate in our current social climate.

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